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DIY: Etched Snowflake Ornaments in Birch.

DIY: Etched Snowflake Ornaments in Birch. Each year we cut off the end of our real Christmas tree (after New Years typically), and then make an ornament for the next winter season! What a fun idea!

Ash bowl

Handcrafted ash bowl [Interesting treatment on the rim of this bowl;

rustic reindeer. Another example of rustic that works. They look alive, right? A very simple idea, very well executed.

Have some old logs and sticks and want to do something fun? These rustic reindeer a a great way to use up that old wood this holiday season! Click through for step by step directions holiday christmas ornament

Good idea

Using a Plastic Container to Trap Metal Filings Inside Of It . (it's called a Lemel Trap when when you're cutting silver wire and want to save the shavings). It's cheap and easy to make. He has a tutorial to make it.