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a black and white photo of a car with the words, c christ lee illustration
#peugeot #peugeotconcept #tesla#autofans2019 #hotroad #conceptcar#cardesigndaily
a yellow and black car is shown in this image
Mercedes CLS
a computer mouse that is sitting on top of a desk
Mercedes CLS
Mercedes CLS on Behance
an image of different types of flashlights on the same page as shown in this graphic
I.D. Sketches
I.D. Sketches on Behance
the parts of an automatic coffee maker are shown in this graphic above it's description
Nouvelle Rolex Sea-Dweller Deep Sea D-Blue
Nouvelle Rolex Deep Sea D-Blue - Le Guide des Montres
an image of some red and black vehicles
cliff design – Ergo Controller: Aquajet
an image of people in different poses on a blue background with text that says,
Maïté Franchi | Folio illustration agency
the instructions for how to use an electric toothbrush and other items in this drawing
HOLE|Portable Air Purifier for Cairs
HOLE on Behance
an image of a robot that is on display
Entwicklungspartner für die digitale Zukunft
an artistic drawing of different shapes and sizes of vases on a white background with orange accents
Product Sketches
Practice makes perfect right? I try to sketch a day!
an image of two electric toothbrushes in the shape of a canisters
Design sketches Summer 2017
a drawing of a chair with an orange background
an image of a hair dryer and other items that are being used in the design process
Product Sketches
Practice makes perfect right? I try to sketch a day!
an artistic rendering of a futuristic vehicle with its seat folded down and the front end facing away