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a close up view of a black object with numbers on the top and bottom part
Fellow Opus Grinder
Fellow Opus Grinder — Branch Creative
a black object sitting on top of a gray surface
similar look to the base of the device
the back end of a silver and black object with an electronic device attached to it
MACH V1 Ultra
an image of a video game console and two remotes next to each other on a white surface
The top 15 gadgets of 2020 to equip yourself for any unexpected challenges 2021 throws your way! - Yanko Design
Le top 15 des gadgets de 2020 pour vous équiper pour tous les défis inattendus que 2021 vous propose! | Conception Yanko
an image of a black food processor on a dark background with clippings to the side
Spence - a smart spicebar
a black and white photo of a speaker on a dark background with light coming from behind it
a black computer tower sitting on top of a white surface
a black and white photo of a coffee mug
an electric car charger plugged into the wall
EV Charger Design - 노브디자인 NOVVDESIGN | 제품디자인
노브디자인 NOVVDESIGN|제품디자인회사
a close up of a computer mouse on a white surface
Chrome Archives - leManoosh
Chrome Archives - leManoosh
the back side of a cell phone on a black surface with no buttons or numbers
the back side of a speaker on a black background