One important detail in this book is frost. The first sign of frost ends the yellow fever. In this book, yellow fever is throughout the book. So, to these characters frost is so important, frost ends the many deaths throughout Philadelphia.

When autumn meets winter. The snow lightly kisses the leaves. I so miss the seasons. Especially autumn and winter.

Jack Frost was here.

Frosty Sunrise, Isle of Sheppey, England . photo via aberrantbeauty ~ breathtaking photography, Winter

so tranquil. I can definitely feel at peace here. There is just something calming about the silent snow.

- by Cris Figueired

Architecture, Living space & Furniture Inspiration #09


Horses: A magnificent Clydesdale stallion. Photo by Katarzyna Okrzesik Photography.

Puppy Love!  by: Elena Shumilova

Russian photographer, Elena Shumilova, enjoying farm life with her two children and animals on her farm in Russia.

Snowy London

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Cute fall/winter leave i love these

Beautiful Frost Covered Leaves: This girl has had it with 90 degree weather!

Stephen Garnett – Malham Moor in winter, North Yorkshire, England - Border collie at work, herding the flock to pasture in the cold of a Yorkshire winter. (my great great grandfather was a shepherd in Yorkshire in the

Frozen Spider

Frozen Spiderweb

Funny pictures about Frozen spiderweb. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen spiderweb. Also, Frozen spiderweb photos.