laundry room

Laundry Room - countertop over washer and dryer. Cabinets above to hold detergent, etc. Baskets below washer and dryer to hold laundry baskets. Doors that fold open and closed.

I love this chevron pattern for a reclaimed wood countertop aesthetic but with faux wood porcelain tiles to make it weatherproof.

Graphic chevron pattern & wood make a great combo for awesome DIY projects like Chevron wood Table, Chevron wood Art and more! DIY Ideas in this post!

Simply Fabulous Living | DIY wash   dry   fold station tutorial |

Top 10 Tips for Perfect Laundry Organization. This will come in handy when I revamp my laundry area - also really like the WASH letters for the laundry room.

Idea for a small laundry closet

i want to do something like this in our laundry closet :) Laundry organization ideas. Some great picture ideas on this page for getting the most out of your laundry space no matter how much room you have - from closet laundry nooks to larger spaces.

Simply Fabulous Living | DIY wash   dry   fold station tutorial |

how I put together the wash + dry + fold station in our laundry room - Simply Fabulous Living Simply Fabulous Living