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several rolls of twine with flowers on them
The Intersection of Design & Motherhood | Top Lifestyle Blog | Design Mom
DIY: Cork Stamps
several pictures of people in different positions on a shelf with magnets attached to them
NameBright - Domain Expired
Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips.
the jeans are being sewn together with scissors and lace on them, but no sewing machine is needed
super cute!
an origami newspaper box with a bow on it
Origami Garbage Bin
How to fold a box from newspaper
an open box with a string attached to it and two pictures on the inside one
Design and form
Storage box DIY
a cup filled with liquid next to two spoons on top of a pink table
DIY : Hidden Animal Teacup
Preciously Me blog : DIY Hidden Animal Teacup
a person is holding an orange and pink flowered pouch on their lapel cover
All Washed Up
Wash bag DIY
an instruction manual for sewing books
Independent Bookbinding #2
Bookbinding Instructions #2 by Merge Leon
four different colored pieces of clothing laying on the ground next to each other, with holes in them
lovin' these repurposed t-shirt bags for fruits and veggies
DIY Painted Bobby Pins
DIY Painted Bobby Pins
a pink eraser with a black moustache on it next to a tag
Page Not Found - The Sweetest Occasion
DIY Rubberstamp, made out of an eraser