Triadic Color Scheme

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a living room with yellow walls and blue couches in the center, red checkered pillows on the sofa
Color Psychology: Decorating With Blue
Triadic color scheme - red, blue, yellow
an abstract painting with blue and red letters in the center, against a multicolored background
Mini Triadic Color Schemes from Cedar Creek Elementary
Mini Triadic Color Schemes
an advertisement with birds flying in the sky over buildings and skyscrapers on a white background
Triadic Color Scheme
three different colored triangles with the text tradc color scheme uses three colors equally distant from each other on the 12 - section color wheel
Look. Listen. Feel. on
Triadic color scheme
the color wheel with various colors in it
Triadic Color Schemes
a woman in yellow pants and blue shirt with shoes on her feet, holding a handbag
Triadic Color Scheme: Blue-Green|Yellow-Orange|Red-Violet
Triadic Color Scheme: Blue-Green|Yellow-Orange|Red-Violet