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four different trees made out of colored paper
tempera paint... paint paper for trees and grass... then add lines for branches and falling leaves.
there are many paints and brushes on the table
Kids Colorful Spring Art
Salted Tempera Paint
three buckets filled with toys sitting on top of a blue and pink mat next to a child's hand
free painting
Free Painting -- I filled 4 circular colorful plastic tubs with puddles of tempera paint, foam letters, foam shapes, scrubby brushes, droppers, straws, and sponge bombs.
the newspaper is covered with colorful crayons
Dry Powdered Tempera Paint- Spray Water Bottle | Familylicious
a baby covered in paint laying on top of a blanket
Playroom Rhythm: Tempera & Sheet
Tempera paint and a Sheet
a young child painting on the front door of a house
Window painting - washable stained glass
washable "stained glass" painting - Tempera paint mixed with dish soap painted in making tape-divided segments.
a colorful kite flying in the sky with white flowers on it's tail and bottom
Egg tempera painting by James Strickland
the inside of a church with stained glass windows and blue lights on it's walls
let them eat meat — Salt Lake Utah Lifestyle Photographer
Dom Bosco Cathedral in Brasilia, Brazil
the mountain is covered in red leaves as it sits behind some trees with orange foliage
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Mt. Fuji, Japan
two rainbows are seen in the sky above an open field and farm land below
Beautiful Photos Taken During``` Rain```
a waterfall surrounded by trees with red leaves
Fukuroda Fall, Japan
a person riding a bike down a path in the middle of a bamboo tree forest
Around and about Kyoto - Kyoto, Japan Travel Blog
an image of a bamboo forest in the daytime
Green tea alley, Hokokuji-Temple, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan
the sun is setting over an icy river with ice and snow on it's banks
by Cecil Whitt
an abstract red flower with black background
Japanese poem by Lady Izumi Shikibu (978~unknown) “Lying alone, / my black hair tangled, uncombed, / I long for the one / who touched it first."