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two people standing in an ice cave with icicles on the walls and one person holding a child's hand
Find Thrills and Chills at These 7 Cool U.S. Ice Caves
When the mercury in thermometers plummets to cold temperatures, water cascading over rocky outcroppings freezes into solid sheets of ice. It is the best time to visit glacier ice caves. Mother Nature sculpts her ice sheets and ice caps into scenes borrowed from movies like Frozen and Ice Age. Families looking for thrills with their chills this winter must visit these seven cool ice caves.
a container filled with lots of green plants
Is Having An Aerogarden In Your Rv Practical?
I’ve had my AeroGarden for over a year now, so I think it’s time to do an honest review and evaluation of the product. If you’ve never heard of these babies before, sit tight. I’ll provide you with a description of what the product is. A link if you’re interested in purchasing one. And an honest review that will include my personal pro’s and con’s while living the RV Life.
a red electric car driving on the road near water and cityscape in the background
Electric Vehicles Only The Rich Can Afford
Everyone is talking about how Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation, promising a cleaner, greener world. But there’s a catch – they’re EXPENSIVE! While the wealthy can easily switch to these high-tech rides, the average driver is left watching from the sidelines. These are 12 EVs that we think are a touch overpriced.
a motor home parked in a parking lot
What’s Camping Etiquette? What You Need To Know About It!
Since Covid-19 there has been an influx of first time camper owners. Prior to Covid the number of first time RV owners was already on the rise, and once the world came to a screeching halt, that number skyrocketed. Regardless of the reason for the addition in numbers, camping etiquette is something that should be addressed. Even if you’re not new to the RV Lifestyle, I think we could all probably use a little refresher sometimes.
a lot of papers that are on top of each other with the same price tag
Rock Solid Super Affiliate Video Training – White Label Rights
Huge super affiliate video training course with White Label rights included. Get the rights to this super affiliate course Tony has been an affiliate online for over 20 years. During that time, he’s learned a lot about the right (and wrong) way to build a solid business. And he’s put all that knowledge into a huge 32-video training course that you can access right now. It covers everything from branding, choosing the best products through to getting traffic. On top of all that, he’s also offering White Label rights to the course.
a river running through a city next to tall buildings with umbrellas on the windows
15 Amazing Things to Do in Strasbourg for a Weekend
Strasbourg, the largest city and prefecture of eastern France's Grand Est region, is an intriguing place to visit for a weekend. Bordering with Germany, it is fully immersed in both French and German culture. There have been many times in history when the two neighboring nations would fight over the region. Nowadays, it has become a fully functioning cultural bridge between the two countries, thanks to the University of Strasbourg.
an old car parked in front of a building
20 Most Legendary Fords Ever Created
For over a century, Ford has been cranking out some of the most loved cars around. From the Model T to modern beasts, they’ve got a vehicle that’s hard to beat. We can’t cover them all, but here’s a nod to some of the greatest hits and our most favorite Fords ever created.
two rolls of toilet paper sitting on top of a tiled floor next to each other
Rv Toilet Paper, Do You Really Need To Use It?
Why exactly does everyone say you absolutely have to use it? The short answer is because most people aren’t using their black tank properly. The RV Industry came up with a single ply RV Toilet Paper that breaks down faster with less water because of it. Admittedly we were in that group when we got our first RV and ended up having the dreaded poop pyramid on our trip to the Redwood National Forest.
a small dog wearing a life jacket is in a kayak on the water with buildings in the background
Essential Safety Gadgets For Family Travel
Our hotel room was on the fifth floor of a large hotel in a resort area when, in the wee hours of the morning, my slumber was interrupted by a piercing sound. The smoke alarms were going off all across the building. For a few moments, my sister and I stayed in our bed while my dad got up to see what was going on. He didn’t see anything out of the ordinary when he looked out the window, but when he opened the hotel door, we all smelled the smoke. The hallways were filling up with smoke and panicking hotel guests. “It’s time to go!” Dad said.
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a mountain with ice on it
What Happened To Us At Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park has always been a bucket list item for me, but not really for Doug. If you’ve read his article about a Chasing an Endless Summer, you would know that Doug isn’t a huge fan of being cold. In fairness, he has always worked outside, and we lived in the Northeast; the cold has never been his friend. But for me, I’ve always been a fan of all 4 seasons.
the eiffel tower in paris, france is seen from across the river at sunset
8 Unbeatable Destinations for Weekend Getaways in Europe
Europe can be a mixed bag when it comes to organizing weekend getaways. On one hand, it can be a glut of accessible attractions that lends itself perfectly to short escapes. Places like the Eiffel Tower, La Sagrada Familia, and the Tower of London are a geographical stone’s throw from each other.
a lake in the middle of a mountain surrounded by trees and bushes on a foggy day
4 Unforgettable Costa Rica All-Inclusive Resorts for Families
Change your latitude and your attitude in Costa Rica. With volcanoes, hot springs, beautiful beaches, cloud forests, tropical wildlife, and national parks all vying for your attention, Costa Rica is ideal for outdoor-loving, active family travelers and those dreaming of languid beach days.
the best rv gift ideas are here
Rv Gift Ideas For The Happy Camper That Has Everything
This time of year gets everyone in a panic over finding just the right thing for that special someone. What do you do when that special someone lives in their RV? Coming up with RV Gift Ideas can be even more stressful. So what do you get that Happy Camper in your life that they will truly appreciate, and won’t take up too much space?
two logos for the boondockers welcome and harvest festive hostings, one with a truck on it
Why Harvest Host Options Need To Be Treated Different
With the merging of Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Host, I wanted to point out that there are major differences that need to be considered when booking one of these sites. If you were a previous member of only one, and now find yourself a member of both, you could easily end up being very disappointed when you arrive. At the same time, your host may find themselves a little discouraged as well.
four glasses of beer and nuts on a wooden tray
10 Fantastic Bars to Visit in Lisbon to Grab a Drink
Lisbon is a thriving and exciting place to visit at any time of the year. My mate and I took a trip there for a few days in early January, though, and found it much quieter. Don’t get me wrong, there was still a pleasant atmosphere, and people were still around, just not as many as there are likely to be during peak times. As we are beer enthusiasts, our trip focused on the different pubs and brewpubs in and around the city. There are plenty of great options to try local beers and lagers. Although challenging to whittle down, I have compiled a guide to the ten best bars to visit in Lisbon to give you a good idea of where to go.