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an owl made out of white paper with lights on it's head and wings
Frank Gehry's Fish Lamps at Gagosian Beverly Hills
World-renowned architect Frank Gehry is most often recognized for his architectural works – the Sydney Opera House and MIT’s State Center among them – as well as the characteristic metal shells and curved planes. On a more tangible scale, but no less extraordinary, are Gehry’s fish lamps that he first started crafting in 1983 after …
an art installation in the middle of a hallway
Olafur Eliasson: Artista dinamarquês brinca com espaço, luz, água e ar para explorar nossas percepções e sentidos - FTCMag
the inside of a building with many different colored glass panels on it's walls
Conheça a instalação "One Way Colour Tunnel" de Olafur Eliasson - FTCMag
a colorful sculpture in the middle of a garden
宮沢賢治 生誕120周年|NENOUWASA/ねのうわさ
an artistic sculpture is lit up at night with colorful lights on it's sides
宮沢賢治童話村生誕120周年記念ライトアップ by Eclat_doll (ID:5577000)- 写真共有サイト:PHOTOHITO
an artistic display in the center of a building with lights and decorations hanging from it's ceiling
MirrorBowler 公式 (@MirrorBowler) / X
Glass Vase Daffodils Stained Glass Painting | Etsy