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Master Bra'tac - Tony Amendola  #SG1

Master Bra'tac - Tony Amendola #SG1

Stargate Atlantis Col Jack O'Neill in the big chair

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The Zat'nik'tel, nicknamed Zat or Zat gun by Colonel Jack O'Neill, is a handheld weapon used by the Goa'uld and their Jaffa. It is in the shape of a serpent and was first encountered by SG-1 on Apophis's Ha'tak. Its energy output, in the form of blue electrical energy, is less powerful than that of a Staff weapon. It's an extremely efficient weapon, used extensively by the Goa'uld, Tok'ra, Jaffa and the Tau'ri.


The Zat'nik'tel, also known as a Zat or Zat gun, is a handheld energy weapon designed by the.

This is what I look like in my own mind...ha ha...Aeryn Sun

Claudia Black - Aeryn - Farscape photo by