Idrija žlikrofi

Idrija-style Žlikrofi Not all Idrija dumplings are real! Idrija dumplings are like one of the few protected local specialty dishes and national dish,.

All kinds of risotto

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We also have burek in Slovenia. Cheese is the original, but there are also more versions of burek

Burek - a traditional Serbian dish (found all over former Yugoslavia). It comes in variety of flavours, cheese (pictured), cheese & spinach, meat and apples. Having a burek MUST be accompanied with Balkan style yogurt.

trout with potatoes and chard

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Čevapčiči in lepinja bread with ajvar and onion

Čevapčiči in lepinja bread with ajvar and onion

ham, cheese, olives

ham, cheese, olives


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