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Chibi - Harry Potter and Hedwig, Ron and Scabbers, Hermione and Crookshanks, Hagrid and baby Harry, and Lion Luna Lovegood

if don't get it, it's from the show buffy the vampire slayer

Frozen harry potter awesomeness, elsa is much braver and nicer then draco malfoy though<--- BUT DRACO IS SO HOT

Woooow lol #HarryPotter #Funny #Memes

Check out the dumbest and most hilarious puns about Harry Potter, Snape, Dumbledore, and MORE in this funny Smosh photo gallery!

Funny Potterhead Memes | Harry Potter Amino

What a horrible parent! How could you deprive your children of watching these movies as they grow up? If you named your kids after them and didn't make them see it before they even came out of the womb then you are a fake fan.