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the bible is just a book of fairy - tales, then why is it banned in at least 52 countries?
Hilarious Christian Memes
an image with the words atheism in white and black text on a black background
Facebook Tuesday … Plus !!
the words jesus leaving the 99 to find 1 sem's illegal, irational, and senseless - until that is you
an image with the words, our bodies are made from the dust of the ground
OUR BODIES ARE MADE FROM THE DUST OF THE GROUND Genesis 27 319 Scientists Have Discovered That the 97 Elements Found in the Human Body Are All Found on the Earths Crust | Meme on ME.ME
an image of noah's ark with the words, everything i need to know about it
Lessons from Noah’s Ark
Leiden, Woord Van God
Forget the madness...