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a heart shaped pillow hanging from a tree in front of a stone wall with lace and buttons on it
Avec mes 10 doigts, ma tête et mon coeur - boutique
toile à matelas et vielles dentelles.
some white heart shaped ornaments on a table
i like romantic stuff...i need to make some in the future for sweet smelling underwear...
a wooden door with a heart hanging from it's side and a quote written on the front
Cut up those wire hangers, make your hearts and design with beads, shells, wrap with ribbon, baby's breath or add spike to stand in plants! (Cost should be less than $10.00)
a heart shaped beaded necklace hanging from a wooden door with an arrow on it
Detalles Decorativos con Mucho Corazón
VINTAGE, EL GLAMOUR DE ANTAÑO: Detalles Decorativos con Mucho Corazón
a heart shaped object with a string attached to it and two batteries on the ground
TESA PYSSLAR - Galgar & Bakverk
just wrap it in tinsel or lights or ivy, makes a very cute decoration.. now i can put all those annoying metal hangers to good use!
two hearts are hanging on the clothesline in front of a window with an orange and white checkered ribbon
an image of a heart hanging on a door
a heart shaped decoration hanging from a window sill next to a white curtain with a plant in it
nelly vintage home
Chicken wire!!!!!!!!!! Hearts can be made from virtually anything!!!
two mesh bags sitting next to each other
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