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Sock Knitting 101: How a Sock is Supposed to Fit | Interweave

Learning how to fit a sock in your sock knitting projects is demystified in this very helpful knitting blog on fitting socks the simple way.

Sock Heel Patterns Glossary

I’ve created this page to show all of the sock heel patterns I can find. It’s a page I can quickly use as a reference. If you have a heel you love leave a comment and a link and I’…

Show & Tell: Getting Started with 2-at-a-Time Socks

There is no new spinning to show you and as several people have asked how to start two (toe-up) socks at a time on a single circular needle, I thought it would be a good opportunity for a 'knitting show & tell' today instead. If you're here to add your spinning link, please do so below - I'll be back with more spinning next week. I first tried "2-at-a-time" for our sock knitalong in February, and since then I have made various pairs of socks and "multi-puffs" this way, preventing 'second…

Fixing Knitting Mistakes on Socks

Nancy Wynn offers savvy solutions to common knitting problems like dropped stitches, extra stitches, losing your center, and knitting onto one needle.

Try a different toe increase. — Louise Tilbrook Designs

If you like toe-up socks as much as I do, why not try a different type of toe increase? Most patterns have you start with Judy's magic cast on (or similar) and then increase by working Kfb ( knit into front and back) or M1 L/R make 1 left/right. Now I don't know about you but I'm fairly confident t

Who Needs a Pattern to Make Socks?

*** Update*** People have requested this in inches as well as centimeters, so I have tried to add that math as well. Honestly, I find centimeters easier to deal with on projects where I have to do math. If the measurement is 1 centimeter and 1 millimeter, it is simply 1.1. On the other hand, 1 7/8 inches I have to convert to 1.875 inches (and have to use my calculator). Thus, if I can avoid fractions, I will. As a resource so that you don't necessarily have to do math with fractions, here…

Whale Done Socks KAL Video Tutorial: Learn how to knit the first half of a shadow wrapped short row sock heel

Whale Done Socks KAL: Short Row Heel Part 1

Lean how to knit the first half of a shadow wrapped short row sock heel.

Pretty Basic Socks Free Knitting Patterns

Let's face it, you can never get enough of Pretty Basic Socks! Fill your drawer with a few brand new pairs this season. The designs we have found for you

8 Must-See Absolutely Free Sock Knitting Patterns - Tributary Yarns & This Knitted Life

I have had socks on my brain this week. I don’t know what this says about me. Maybe that my feet are cold? I’ve been perusing Etsy and other sites for sock yarn when I have no time or business doing so. I’ve even sourced Size 1 (2.25 mm) needles with trial intentions of letting […]

Boxed Heels

I’ve only knit this once and it hasn’t been test knit! Be on the look out for errors.

How To Knit Socks On 9-inch Circular Needles - MuffinChanel

I recently discovered hand-knitted socks and thought that they would be so much fun to make. It’s actually pretty easy and I love creating something that I can wear. If you are familiar with knitting and want to give socks a try, I made instructions for using 9-inch circular needles based on Simply In Stitches‘ […]

Lots of Socks

We’ve got socks-on-the-brain at Loop, this week. No, not a new illness, we’re planning our summer knitting: small, portable projects that can build our winter gift giving stash… o…

One For My Fellow Sock Knitters – This Is How I Do It – Espace Tricot Blog

One For My Fellow Sock Knitters – This Is How I Do It

Hi there. Today I have something to show to my fellow sock knitters – it’s a little trick I do and that I teach in my sock class, so nothing special, unless you’ve had to deal wit…