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four different types of axes with red lights on them
Osl axe, i don't know if this Is made of glass or energy, anyways It looks pretty nice 😁🩸 PDF tutorial available on Patreon. Find the… | Instagram
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six images of different poses of an animal
a close up of a robot hand holding something
a painted warhammer with red eyes and armor on it's face, standing in front of a black background
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Prove your humanity
a warhammer is standing on top of a piece of wood and holding a red object
an image of a robot made out of metal
Hi friends, i captured my approach to painting white armour I really hope you find this useful. You might have seen this recipe on my… | Instagram
four different views of the same yellow object
an old rusted metal object sitting on top of snow covered ground with words written on it
My Grimdark Take on Black Templars
My Grimdark Take on Black Templars : minipainting