Exploding box

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a box that has some ornaments inside of it
Exploding box pełen śniegu / DT Artimeno
exploding box
several cards with lace doily on them
Exploding box w pastelach :)
Scrapiniec inspirations on blogspot: Exploding box w pastelach :)
four cards with floral designs on them
two different images of an open card box
an assortment of cards and envelopes with flowers on them
Szkolny exploding box
a person holding a small card with an orange and seashell decoration on it's side
СкрапМания - мелодия скрапбукинга!
a christmas card with poinsettis and other holiday items in it on a table
several cards with doily and lace on them
Exploding box w pastelach :)
a table topped with lots of plates covered in christmas decorations on top of each other
Christmas Exploding Box with Lantern
four christmas cards on a lace doily with red berries, holly wreaths and other decorations
В сказочном домике...