Veronika Nečasová

Veronika Nečasová

Europe / She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writting 'yes' to the sky.
Veronika Nečasová
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"when I take a bite of a pizza slice that is too hot..." (reaction gifs)

"when I take a bite of a pizza slice that is too hot." (reaction gifs) Bahaha remind me of pizza mornings at work

LET ME LOVE YOU! This happens a lot with my two cats. They always are around my feet when I'm standing.

When I Accidentally Step On My Pet And They Runaway funny cute animals jokes dog animal pets gifs lol gif funny sayings humor funny animals

NASA Hubble  5) Crab Nebula This supernova remnant contains a strong pulsar wind nebula that is not visible to the naked eye but it can be viewed by using binoculars on a clear night. The pulsar situated at the center of the nebula is the celestial object that remains after the supernova, spinning at a rate of around 30 times per second.

Nebula Orion 2 We can only imagine what Heaven will look like now that we can see images like this from Outer Space God Is So Big!

If you had the chance to alter your life, would you take it?

The Horsehead Nebula This photo of the Horsehead nebula was captured by NASA's Hubble Telescope in infrared. It's located in the constellation Orion about light years away from us. The Galaxy This massive galaxy is not much different