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Bohdana Bendova

Bohdana Bendova
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I love these!!! How simple and beautiful! I see a fun project for me my daughter and daddy!

Put small pots on candle holders. This would be really cute for small herbs in the kitchen. Wish I had a window over my sink-I would so want these shutters! Like the candlestick plant stands too.

31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home

An idea for an extra room in my dream home? Books, a reading nook, a pull out bed. What else do you need?ideas for a guest room or even a kids room!

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We write a lot about different sorts of interior design, and one thing that we’ve noticed is that some of the most ingenious home products seem to be those that save space in clever ways. This list of clever space-saving… Continue Reading →

Genius & cheap for wet shoes!

Use river rocks to drip dry boots and shoes. Consumer Crafts has great prices on river rocks/pebbles for home decor. I have the boot/shoe holders now for the river rocks.

Great storage idea.Inside you will find more information,check it out!

Love the idea of the different sized shelves. Love this idea for basement or loft stairs. Great storage for books, games, etc.

Bathtub for Tiny House 2.0

Need more storage space in a bathroom that's already cramped? Install it in otherwise wasted space with Stowaway, a bath panel storage system that takes

Clever storage idea for tiny house

A themed tiny house on wheels in Brevard, North Carolina. Designed and built by Brevard Tiny House. Awesome idea for extra storage! I have to have a tiny home!

Wood chest:

The Project Lady: Wood Storage Chest - Make your own! Could be a toy chest?

Bookcase made from pallets.

Pallets Ideas & Projects: Bookcase made from pallets.

Table from pallet wood

Table from pallet wood Interesting apron design, make taller and longer and use for oyster roast table