Barbora Nemravová

Barbora Nemravová

Barbora Nemravová
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The Cat's Trapeze 3 Level

A hanging cat trapeze with a bed for each of your furry critters

Such a great way to hide a cat litter box by banishing it to a dark cupboard and cutting a decorative doorway for the cat.  Not only cute, but it keeps litter out of sight and inaccesible for dogs.

cat tray - banish it to a dark cupboard and cut a decorative doorway for the cat! or build a 'box' to cover it if you don't have a handy cupboard!

Microwave Cart Redo. Cat Litter box & Food station! Used an old electric stovetop ring for to finish the look of the cat hole. Added Stanley's name with some dollar store stickers.

Cat Litter box & Food station- great idea, but food and litter should not be that close to one another. Would use solely as feeding station