Brno, Czech Republic

cz The first winter day in Brno town centre View from Josefska (street) onto Petrov (cathedral) Trnitá, Brno, Jihomoravský, CZ

Markgrafschaft Mähren

Margraviate of Moravia, Österreichisch Ungarische Wappenrolle Hugo Gerhard…

Ofenkachel 1413-16 aus Burg Melice in Mähren, Muzeum Vyškovska

Ofenkachel aus Burg Melice in Mähren, Muzeum Vyškovska

Krakau, Hauptmarkt

Krakow, Poland - the epitome of old Europe, despite the atrocities of WWII this charming city surprised me with its upbeat character and delicious culture

Znojmo, Znaim

Nature of South Moravia, Czech Republic Znojmo

Photo: David Zidlicky - Villa Tugenhat Czech Republic

Villa Tugendhat by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Czech Republic It is one of the pioneering prototypes of modern architecture in Europe. *Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and the International style*