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an office with multiple colored partitions in the center and chairs at tables on either side
Architecture and Interiors
Sparbanken Rekarne -- use idea as desk dividers, angle desk spaces against incoming sunlight so the glass affects their desks & the space around it...
a blue motorcycle parked in front of a pile of wood and leaves on the ground
Hi Leute ;) Unterstützt mein neues Projekt indem ihr folgenden Link von Sausewind meiner roten Schwalbe teilt ;)! Wie ihr schon mitbekommen habt, kommt gibt's an dieser einiges zu Richten! Hier klicken, dann Teilen ;) //edit Da der Link nicht korrekt angezeigt wird bitte kopieren, oder über meine Facebook Seite Voten, den Link dorthin gibt's in meinem Profil ;) #ganzschönkompliziert Als Dankeschön habe ich euch hier einen kleinen Einbl
a scooter is parked on the sidewalk in front of a brick wall and shrubbery
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Vintage Vespa for Sale | 1965 Vespa - Classic Vintage Scooter | Scooters For Sale | Brooklyn ...
the back end of a motorcycle with a brown leather seat
1963 Piaggio Vespa VBB by Ellaspede | Bikers Cafe
A hub for motorcycle culture and creativity, Brisbane-based custom builder Ellaspede was approached by a bloke named Rick in order to tidy up his 1963 VBB Piaggio Vespa. The bike had been gathering dust in Rick’s garage waiting for its former owner to return from abroad; however, a change of plans saw caretaker Rick as …
a black helmet with the words pro - tec written on it's side
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PRO-TEC Fullcut Rubber Helmet - now available at Warehouse Skateboards! #whskate #spring2015 #skateboarding
a white scooter is shown on a white background with no people around it
Kilómetros en Vespa
Vespa. #CoolShine Spring · Summer #Colortrend 2015 #KatiaYarns
let's go for a ride...check out the bag, shirt, pants and boots - just cool, effortlessly cool Leder Outfits, Scooter Girl, Model Street Style, Smart Casual Outfit, Looks Street Style, Tumblr Fashion, Motorcycle Girl
the devil wears dior
let's go for a ride...check out the bag, shirt, pants and boots - just cool, effortlessly cool
a black motor scooter parked on the side of a road next to trees
a black scooter with the words vespa on it's front
a black motor scooter parked on the street
Vespa MP6 Black Perl
Vespa MP6 Black Perl – the scooter rider
a black scooter with the word stella on it
Scooterworks USA | Parts & Accessories - Performance & Stock Parts
Stella scooter. About $1,000 cheaper than a Vespa and just as cool.
a motor scooter with checkered seat covers is parked on the side of the road
#Vespa #Piaggio #italiandesign
an electric scooter is shown in blue and white color scheme, with the seat folded down
NES: Nuevo Scooter Eléctrico Estilo Vintage
NES: nuevo scooter eléctrico estilo vintage.
an image of a green battery and some wires on a white background with clippings
DC 12V 6A Smart Pulse Fast Battery Charger For Car Motorcycle Electric Scooter