Vlčí máky z obtisků vinných špuntů

Fingerprint Poppy Flower Craft for Kids! Summer art project - I have seen this done with halfed apples to really nice on black paper

Zmrzlina z holící pěny

Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone Craft for Kids - Great summer shaving cream art project! Mix white glue with shaving cream until you get “stiff peaks” in the mixture. Add food coloring or paint.

papírové ledňáčky

Giant Paper Popsicle Craft

Bright and fun paper popsicle craft for kids. All you need to make this easy kids craft is some construction paper, craft sticks, scissors, and glue sticks.

_vRt8GL_4Aw.jpg (594×593)

I love the sea- so effective. Obviously the strips need to be cut from a larger bit of paper than the base.

Jahoda - obtisk bublinkové folie

Bubble Wrap Printed Fruit & Veg

Strawberry Paint DIY with Bubble Wrap ~ Mary Wald's Place - Bubble Wrap Printed Fruit & Veg - In The Playroom