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Blahoslav Fajmon

Blahoslav Fajmon
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marble object lesson for obedience

Teach Children to Obey Commandments and the Law using a marble that you spin first with a plate, then in a bowl. Boundaries keep the marble inside. Would be great for showing kids why parents set rules for them.

Want vs need

The Need/Want Glass from Alesina Design encourages you to think about wasting water every time you take a drink. By holding your finger over a hole in the glass, you consciously permit yourself to have more water than you might ‘need’.

Your Life Uncommon: Jake's Object Lesson

My oldest son, Jake, taught Family Home Evening a couple of weeks ago. It all started with a simple experiment. I told Jake that if I.


Armor-of-God-object-lesson - unpeeled orange floats while the peeled orange sinks to the bottom. Keep on the armour of God so you won't sink! ~~no scripture reference for this