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Connecting to the iTunes Store.


iBooks by Apple. Use this app to view the iBooks you create with the iBooks Author app!

“Say Hi! AAC” iPad Communication App

Gwendolyn Strong Foundation : “Say Hi!

Story creator

With Story Creator you can easily create beautiful story books containing photos, videos, text, and audio all in one gorgeous collection. Story Creator truly brings your best stories to life and easily allows you to retell and share yo

cz on the App Store


VozejkMap on the App Store


Curator - collect, organise, present images, websites and notes

Forge - build your ideas

Adonit, the company behind the Jot Pro and Jot Mini styluses, has released Forge, a visual thinking app for iPad.


Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated Gami video. Tellagami Edu is a paid version of the Tellagami app.