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there are many different things in this collage that include blue bottles and copper fittings
DIY Glass Bottle Torch: 6 Easy Steps - Craft projects for every fan!
the cat is sleeping in its bed on the wall
Para os amantes de gatos, camas para gatos inspiradas em nave espacial
an old fashioned coca cola machine in the corner of a room next to a doorway
The Flask and the Press in Shanghai Has a Speakeasy Style Entrance Hidden in a Old Coke Machine.
two pictures of a man in a suit and tie, with the words before and after painted on them
33 Cute Street Art Installations by Creative Genius Tom Bob
two jars that have some kind of shadow on them, and one has a lizard in it
Time of the Dragons: Badass DIY Dragon Crafts
Time of the Dragons: Badass DIY Dragon Crafts
a light switch cover with the words lumos and nox on it
Aged Lumos/Nox Light Switch Cover (Custom) (Aged Patina)
Interruttore per la luce😍
a black cat sitting on top of an orange and black toy machine with pumpkins
Cats in Design, Decor & Decorative Arts: Hallo~Spin