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30 Unusual (But Great) Uses For Lemons!

Whenever you use lemons for hair use real, fresh lemons, not lemon juice from a bottle! Lemon juice has a pH of It is very acidic. Adding lemon juice to a hair recipe such as an Egg and Lemon.

The Dangers Of Sagging Pants!!!

"Alderman wants to ban saggy pants in Green Bay" -- Alderman Dave Boyce says those wearing low-riding pants and exposed underwear are making the city look bad. Boyce says it's offensive and demeaning to see people walking around with sagging pants.

Sweet Relief For Canker Sores

Honey has been used for many centuries now in skin care especially for moisturization. Here we tell you to use honey for dry skin treatment.

"Molly" has become a popular drug lately, but are its side effects when taking too many?

What is the popular new drug called "molly?" Molly, otherwise known as MDMA, is actually an old drug getting a new dose of attention.

There are many types of bug bites that can either be harmless or fatal.

It's important to be able to identify common bug bites. While most bug bites are just annoying, others can cause serious trouble.

Here are some health tips from television's fictional doctors.

What are the top health tips that you can learn from television's most popular (and fictional) top black doctors?

Get More Health Tips By Clicking The Picture!

Why is stretching so important? It is important to stretch out the main muscle groups that you're using to build muscle and lose fat.

Can drinking red wine make you skinny!?! Click picture to find out...

Can drinking red wine make you skinny! Click picture to find out.

Health Tip of the Day! Want to know how the 5 Beauty Benefits of taking Vitamin? Click picture to find out how!

Health Tip of the Day! Want to know how the 5 Beauty Benefits of taking Vitamin? Click picture to find out how!

The Link Between Reading  Your Health Care

PMI Rates vary based upon the type of mortgage premiums you want to pay. You can have included as an upfront PMI Fee, or a monthly PMI Rate

What Are Common Causes Of Male Balding

Renee shares some of the most common reasons men go bald and what they can do.

Straighten Up! Here's how Bad Posture Hurts Your Health.

Typical bad posture effects and symptoms include a painful back. But bad posture could also set you up for some surprising health problems.

What Diabetes Does To Your Body?

What are the effects of diabetes on the body? Knowing how diabetes affects your body can help you prevent diabetic complications.

10 Backpack Tips That Can Prevent Injuries!

Backpack season demands backpack safety tips. As the school season starts, experts warn that overloaded backpacks can result in injuries.

Here's a short video clip from PhD Nina Cherie on how many meals you should eat daily.

Exercise intensity refers to how much energy you exert during a workout session. In this podcast Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin explains the importance of manipula.