47 Pins
some white cats are hanging on trees in the snow
a herd of sheep walking across a snow covered field
Snowy Day
two small stuffed animals laying on top of a bed next to each other with blue eyes
Buy and sell on the world's most socially driven marketplace | Storenvy
Candy colored breadheaded kitty plush beanie
a pink stuffed animal laying on top of a table
Pink Mew - Hanmade plushie by Piquipauparro on DeviantArt
there is a white stuffed rabbit sitting on the bed with other stuffed animals around it
the cover art for john oates'private eyes, which features two cats looking at each other
The Kitten Covers: Photo
a woman in a kitchen with a cat peeking out of the pocket on her sweater
two black cats sitting on top of a table next to a bowl filled with nuts
Kitteh Kats
Illustration by Alisa Yufa (Russian, b. 1987)
two snowmen wearing scarves in the snow
a drawing of a bird sitting on top of a post
Illustrated Ladies
Illustrated Ladies — bewarethebibliophilia: Four Edward Gorey women,...
a drawing of a bat hanging upside down
Every day is Halloween: Photo
an image of various cartoon characters drawn in pencil on white paper with black and white ink
PK_M Collection
PK_M Collection by Paride Bertolin (JAB), via Behance