Travel Inspiration for the Czech Republic - Eastern Europe, Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic - I love this beautiful bridge, lucky enough to have been across it.

Eastern Europe, Telc, Czech Republic

Telc, Czech Republic - oh my gosh I've been here but the bus driver never told us the name!

Soviet tanks parked in the streets of Prague Czechoslovakia - Praha (Prague), 1968

The Soviet invasion - Soviet tanks parked in the streets of Prague - August, 1968 (by Ralph Crane)

Czechs rallying during the Soviet invasion by Warsaw Pact troops, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1968, photograph by Bill Ray.

the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia with over Warsaw Pact troops and tanks, crushing the Prague Spring (which was a brief eight-month period of political liberalization in Czechoslovakia).

Soviet T-10M Prague 1968

Heavy tanks contingent of Soviet troops during operation “Danube”, Plzen, Czechoslovakia, August