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a red and white quilt with a house on it
2 new items by Blanka Juchelková
a christmas card with a house and fireworks in the sky above it, surrounded by snow covered trees
Cute, Gif, Fotos, Kunst
a lit candle in the middle of a snowy scene with snowflakes and trees
a painting of a little boy building a snowman
a painting of a santa clause sitting by a window with a cup of coffee in his hand
a snowman holding a heart and wearing a pink hat with pom poms
a christmas wreath with oranges, pine cones and star decorations on it's side
35 Times People Won The Christmas Decorating Game
a lion wearing a hat and scarf sitting in the snow with a christmas ornament
a christmas wreath with red candles on top of it sitting on a dining room table
a basket filled with candles and greenery on top of a dining room table next to wicker chairs