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the book cover for 15 science youtube tube channels kids love with pictures of different objects
15 YouTube Channels of Fun Science Videos for Kids
15 cool science YouTube channels kids love - learn science behind everyday phenomenon, watch fascinating science experiments, see science explanation of unexpected questions.
four different movie titles with the title using short films to teach reading competition
Teach reading comprehension skills using short films! You're students will be engaged, and your lessons accessible to all students.
an animated scene with two people eating food
One Man Band Pixar Studios
One Man Band Pixar Studios EXCELLENT short film to teach inferring.
a boy sitting on a couch with a book in front of him and an award behind him
The Present - Teaching Ideas
LOVE this short film! A boy is given a gift which changes how he feels about the world around him. Watch this delightful short film with your children and try some of our suggested teaching ideas and classroom activities.
a dog is swimming in the water with a ball on it's back end
World's Most Determined Dog
WORLD'S MOST DETERMINED use with teaching kids about determination
yoda from star wars with the words, always with you what cannot be done
Yoda & growth mindset
Yoda & growth mindset
a cartoon character is standing in front of a pyramid with his eyes closed and mouth wide open
One Thousand Steps . . . begins with one. My absolute all-time favorite video for kids to watch about perseverance.
three minion characters with their arms in the air, and one is pointing at something
Minions - Teamwork :))
a man kneeling down on top of a track
Derek Redmond 1992 Olympics
I love this inspiring true story, illustrating the determination to face our challenges with courage, push on, live our dreams, always keep trying, and with patient persistence endure in our own race. It teaches us a good example too about love, kindness, encouragement, and support from those who run with us—no matter what difficulties we may face along the way!
a mouse wearing a helmet sitting next to a mouse trap
Inspirational movie about the meaning of "Grit"
Great video for students teaching about grit, why it is important and what it is. More
the leader in me is written on a piece of paper
This video teaches students the importance of leadership. This would be a great extension activity to show students how they can impact their classroom, and the community at large.
the growth mindset short movie is shown in three different pictures, including an image of a
Soar - Teaching Ideas
A short movie for kids teaching growth mindset - with a corresponding lesson plan More