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a heart - shaped cloud in the sky with clouds and sun rays coming through it
the sun is shining through an orange forest with tall trees in the foreground and bright blue sky above
an arch made out of rocks in front of the ocean at sunset, with water and sky in the background
Here We Go
an island with palm trees in the ocean
heart shaped rocks are arranged in a pile
these remind me of camping at Coolandel NSW Australia .. the kids kept finding them. I still have mine :)
an ocean wave with the words kural 1 cana yakin olama can't yakah olma
Angel Style
Love you forever <3 Most likely photoshopped, but still beautiful.
the sun is setting behind some clouds in the sky above trees and mountains, with dark shadows on them
Heart shsped cloud
a heart shaped bubble floating in the air
i friggin love bubbles! | Publish with Glogster!
two footprints in the sand with a heart shape drawn on it's beach shore