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Sophie Ebrard: The Dunk Elite – WeTransfer This Works

Brooklyn, NY.

Working on a new project with Justin Hogan (motion) about the dedication to streetball in the projects. Stay tuned for more just got a grip of negs back.

Cooper Kings- 1 of 3 A new project I recently shot, focused on the dedication to streetball during the cold months in Cooper Projects located in Brooklyn, NY. I collaborated with Justin Hogan who directed and edited a piece for this as well and we will launch on thursday- the first day of spring. Stay tuned.

nomadda: “ Cooper Kings- 1 of 3 “NYC you gotta be dedicated to basketball… It takes a certain type of person to play ball in the middle of winter here.

West 4th Street Courts Highlights - Golden Swan Garden : NYC Parks

Check out a street Basketball game at the well known courts at the West Street Playground. Play times vary but you can usually find a game Monday, Wednesday and Friday from