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These are the best photos taken with the worst cell phone camera of the best underground jazz scene in the world today.
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a man holding a guitar and singing into a microphone
63797:MVK.HGG.339.2009 | Roman Vishniac Archive
63797:MVK.HGG.339.2009 | Roman Vishniac Archive
an old photo of a woman singing into a microphone
Classic Ladies of Color (June 2012-January 2020)
lauramcphee: “ Ida James, Cafe Society, Greenwich Village, NYC 1944 (Roman Vishniac) “
a man sitting at a table with a wine glass in front of him and an american flag on the wall behind him
Elmerültünk a harlemi éjszakában - ORIGO
Elmerültünk a harlemi éjszakában
an old black and white photo of a man in a top hat holding a cane
Harlem Renaissance: Gladys Bentley
GLADYS BENTLEY (1907-1960) began her career singing and playing piano at rent parties and the legendary speakeasies of "Jungle Alley" at 133rd. She appeared at Harry Hansberry's "Clam House" on 133rd Street, one of New York City's most notorious gay speakeasies, in the 1920s, and headlined in the early thirties at Harlem's Ubangi Club, where she was backed up by a chorus line of drag queens. She played piano and sang lyrics to popular tunes of the day in a deep, growling voice.
a black and white photo of a man wearing a top hat
Black History Month photographs – Zócalo Poets
Gladys Bentley (1907–1960), in a retouched and colourized 1920s photo. Bentley was an openly lesbian Blues singer who often performed at Clam House, a gay speakeasy in Harlem
two black men standing next to each other
Epic Gallery: 150 Years Of Lesbians And Other Lady-Loving-Ladies
American blues singer Gladys Bentley (1907 - 1960) poses with bandleader Willie Bryant (1908 - 1964) outside the Apollo Theater where posters advertise a performance by Bryant & his band, New York, New York, April 17, 1936. (Photo by Frank Driggs Collection/Getty IMages)
an old photo of a woman singing into a microphone
Billie Holiday - Movie, Death & Strange Fruit
Billie Holiday began her singing career at Harlem’s jazz club Pod’s and Jerry’s in 1931.
an old black and white photo of a noxzone storefront with the words noxzone on it
Harlem Jazz Shrines Festival 2012
the front of a building with an awning on it's side and a sign that says shawamas
☞ LISTEN: Jazz Shrines Festival Tuesday Events
an advertisement for the black united fun plaza in front of a building with red tables and chairs
Shrine World Music Venue
The Shrine-Unpretentious, edgy, cool-as-hell bar/restaurant in Harlem serving affordable Franco-African cuisine.
a bow tie with the words london's super club on it
Refined Southern cuisine and live weekend music make this supper club a favorite of locals and celebrities alike.
the entrance to bill's place restaurant with red awnings and black iron fence
bill's place harlem - Google Search
a man playing the saxophone in front of a microphone
Bill's Place - It doesn't get better than Bill's Place. - New York, NY, United States
black and white photograph of the marquee for dracula
Small‘s Paradise jazz club in Harlem, c. 1928