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How Archer is Just Like Futurama

Funny pictures about Similarities Between Futurama And Archer. Oh, and cool pics about Similarities Between Futurama And Archer. Also, Similarities Between Futurama And Archer photos.

"Futurama"                                                       …

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CUED: Mirada pedagógica sobre internet

Parody shows the imitation of Leonardo Da Vince's paintings of human nature. This picture shows Bender the robot which presents a parody of Da Vince's work.

fry_and_leela___through_time_by_missfuturama-d5mmyrb.png (653×1224)

The second picture is based on the excellent work done by In the future, Leela became head of Planet Express, Fry had su. Fry and Leela - Through Time