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an open book with drawings and diagrams on it
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Paper dolls in vintage style made with paper scraps and fabrics scraps
Paper dolls Tutorial
two people sitting on the floor working on some kind of art project with wires attached to them
Making Giant Withie Lanterns
Making Giant Withie Lanterns by Sheila Ceccarelli
an animal made out of newspaper sitting on top of a table
Paper Mache Horse, Day 4
an image of flowers with the words decoupage papers on it in white and blue
Decoupage Paper for Furniture
Get ready to revamp your furniture like a pro with over 250+ decoupage papers for furniture to choose from! Upcycle furniture with quirky designs, playful patterns and vibrant colors that showcase your unique personality. From floral patterns to vintage maps, there is a decoupage paper out there to suit every taste. Bring out your inner artist and have some fun with decoupage papers for furniture - it's the perfect DIY project to add a touch of creativity to your home!
a woman is painting two large balls on the side of a cardboard box with glue
DIY Giant Porch Easter Eggs (Grandin Road Dupe)
Let’s get ready for Easter with these DIY Giant Porch Easter Eggs! I saw these in the Grandin Road catalog and my jaw about hit the floor when I saw the price. They are ON SALE right now and STILL $230+, and that doesn’t include the almost $30 shipping charge. No thank you!(You can shop all the materials for this project on my blog, I always appreciate you shopping through my links as it helps support my family so I can continue providing amazing content for you!) So I set out to cre…
the cut and create pattern is shown in black and white, with an eye on it
Cut & Create: Picasso Portrait Collage | PDF
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a black and white drawing of different types of eyes, with the words'mini mind things
Cut & Create: Picasso Portrait Collage | PDF