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a lit candle in a metal bowl with a christmas tree decoration on the side and a pine cone next to it
Juletræ i betonkugle
a white candle is sitting in a glass vase on a wooden table with greenery
22 DIY concrete projects and creative ideas for your garden
concrete glass candle holder patio table centerpiece
several different pictures of rocks and pine cones
28 Cutest Outdoor Concrete Projects For Your Home
28 Cutest Outdoor Concrete Projects For Your Home!!! Bebe'!!! Great Garden Craft Ideas!!!
two concrete stars sitting next to each other on a white counter top with a wooden bowl in the background
Scandinavian Christmas …
four candles are lit on a table next to a white vase with branches in it
four candles are lit in a bowl with moss
Vita Verandan
Vita Verandan: december 2011
four candles are sitting in concrete holders on a table
Richly Romantic Garnet and Mocha Wedding Inspiration
Slim Mocha Taper Candles in Marble Holders | Lauren Peele Photography |
three cement candles with numbers on them and one candle in the middle, all lit up
Natural Scandinavian Living
Concrete candle holder. This could be an easy DIY.
three cement ornaments hanging from a tree branch
How to Make Christmas Concrete Ornaments
I started working with concrete only a few weeks ago and I love it! It's a great material to work with. I wanted to give it a try making some modern Christmas o…
two metal ornaments with red string hanging from them
My Meraki | concrete Christmas decorations |
three cement cups with candles in them on a table next to a small christmas tree
<3 cute as a centerpiece
three pine cones sitting on top of a window sill
Betonkogler. Så nemt er det.
Fru Pedersens have: Betonkogler. Så nemt er det. - how she made these
some ornaments are hanging from the tree and one is made out of wood, while another has
DIY Christbaum-Diamant-Hänger aus Beton // DIY concrete christmas decoration