Recykl art

301 Pins
a wooden birdhouse with buttons on it
170 Shrines and altars ideas | assemblage art, altered art, box art
an old wooden cabinet with many different items in it
Ray Papka - Paintings
an old clock with many different things on it
The Collection by bugatha1 on DeviantArt
an old wooden shelf with various items on it and a doll in the top corner
William Skrips
a birdcage filled with lots of items on top of a black wall next to a clock
2015 Topic 7: Niches {Challenge}
a small wooden box with an angel figurine in it
Assemblage Found Object Art Shrine Shadow Box Ceramic Doll "Sweet Pea"
an old fashioned photo is displayed in a shadow box with key, clock and keys
Boys Club
a wooden box with various items in it and a clock on the top of it
a clock with lots of charms attached to it
Painted Works
a woman's head with gears and other things on it, as if she was in a steampunk fashion
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