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How to See Rome in 3 Days - #MyTripAdvisorDiscover @tripadvisor #ad #TravelersChoice

It would be easy to spend several weeks in the Eternal City and still not experience all of the history, culture, and food this balmy capital city has to offer. With so much to see (and so few vacation days!), planning a trip can quickly become overwhelmi

Best Brunch in Vienna

The best brunch spots in Vienna according to an Aussie brunch addict living in Vienna. From hipster cafes to hidden local gems, find your favourite spot! When you travel to Vienna, Austria, here's where to find some of the best food

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Life is like an ocean of sand. It will always slip through your fingers and always slip away from you. There will, however, be a small part that stays in the palm of your hand. Be thankful for that. Can't wait to be on the beach