Fractal Dahlia

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Fractal shapes similar to the ones I experienced after smoking DMT - phenomial! - ill see how my dmt has begun flowing tonight just fell asleep for 1 minute or so and saw a man coming running with a wheelbarrow alongside a farmhouse.

Fractal Illusion 2.0

Fractal Illusion 2.0

So and alive it almost hurts my eyes to look at for too long! A Fractal Illusion reminds me of an acid trip I went on as a teenager last time I ever did acid


Neon abstraction - Abstract - - Best android live wallpapers and applications fractal;

pearlescent pink fractal

pearlescent pink fractal Noun A curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. Adjective Relating to or of the nature of a fractal or fractals: "fractal geometry".

Ice Globes.  Sounded like a bit of a struggle but cheap to do.  They look great!

DIY Fire & Ice Lanterns


"Winter Torn" is very clean while keeping a huge amount of detail. Wonder what software was used?

fractal art

How beautiful is this? Dedicated to the kindred spirits everywhere of love reflecting love, light reflecting light, beauty reflecting beauty.

Fractal - Spiralen - Enjoy some Peruvian Chocolate today! Hand made where the beans are grown. Woman owned and run company! From the Amazon, available on Amazon

Fractal - Spiralen - Enjoy some Peruvian Chocolate today! Hand made where the…

Paint fractals

Paint fractals P.s this paint looks crazy, stare at it for a good 10 sec and it gets even crazier.