Wind in his mane, focused and Ready To Pounce 2 by Joe VanEpps* In a world with predators why do we not consider as like wind there are unseen forces.

lion love

beautiful-blue-eyed-girl: earthyday: / Lion Love by Patrick Bakkum Adorable….

Mountain Lions are so beautiful... Wow.

Whatever you choose to call this wild cat: cougar, mountain lion, or puma, it is beautiful.

♔ Cougar

i can has tree? this is my tree now. you cant have it. i like this tree. its mine. ~~Hold On ~ A young Cougar climbs a tree in Minnesota by Laurie Hernandez~~

In the deepest depth of my inner being I find the strength that I sometimes forget that I have. Some look past me or even underestimate my abilities. Little do they know who I think I am.

I want this exact lion as a tattoo. He is so beautiful. The definition of strength, courage and of course the astrological sign, Leo.


Only 7 White Lions have been successfully reintroduced to their natural habitat of Timbavati. More land is now urgently needed for reproduction and securing future generations~~Powerful Gaze - white lion by - Kathy Newton~~

bing lions | ... pictures that show the Pride and joy of a Lion King | Mail Online

Extraordinary pictures that show the Pride and joy of a Lion King

HELP PROTECT LIONS FROM CRUEL TROPHY HUNTING!  Tell the International Union for Conservation of Nature that vulnerable species shouldn't be allowed in game hunts! It's time to ensure that animals classified as "vulnerable" are truly protected!  PLZ Sign & Share!

This is the most majestic, beautiful animals living amongst us.So, so beautiful!so glad i.m a part of There Life bc I.m a Leo Lion for Life ♌

Spectacular, brilliant work by Wes and Dotty Weber #animals #tiger #photography

Probably a siberian tiger aka Amur tiger, the biggest of all tiger species and perfectly adapted to grim cold