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aft stern port starboard diagram

Simple Diagram of must-know boat terms - aft stern port starboard diagram

i LOVE this!!! there is no other water therapy as cleansing and recalibarting as a sauna for me and the more steam the better.

It is another day with ninety degree heat and humidity. Many of the older cabins in this area have saunas which their residents still use and dearly love. This barrel-shaped sauna is near a rebuilt Scandinavian cottage on Williams Lake, Mn.

New Survival Knife Designs | Scribd

An idea for a new series of survival knives, inspired by arrowhead survival cards.

Kindling Survival Gift Card

Kindling Survival Gift Card - A normal card would have been too boring, so we reinvented gift cards. This new item doubles as emergency fire kindling once you spend the money off of it!

Turn your tin cans into mini stoves! | 13 Everyday Items For Survival #survivallife

How to build a Rocket Stove (One of the best and most efficient ways to cook in an emergency) out of tin cans. -- More details can be found by clicking on the image.