I've got to do this one! This is the thing I dislike most about these drink dispensers . the dripping of the drink all over the floor below. Drip catcher cut from a plastic bottle.

30 Life Hacks All College Students NEED to Know

30 Life Hacks All College Students NEED to Know

Life hacks, things make your life easier that our editors compiled just for you. Being a college student is challenging enough, take a look at these hacks we guarantee you it will make every college students life a little easier.

Give your pet extra support and reduce stress-related injuries with this portable pet step.  I love the idea of this, and it's a much more convenient than a complete ramp or step-ladder. . . just as long as the dog can still comfortably use the step

Twist Pet Step - Give your pet extra support and reduce stress-related injuries with this portable pet step.

Veggie Racks are an ideal way to store your root vegetables and pumpkins or squash. They are best kept in a dark, cool part of your home however.

Produce Storage Option: Vegetable Storage Rack is a Time-Tested Way to Store Your Harvest

DIY Wood Shopping List Pad @themerrythought

DIY Wood Shopping List Pad

I like this but I want the paper roll at the bottom so if my list gets too long I dont have to start a new list DIY Wood Shopping List Pad

Who knew there were so many different ways to tie your shoes?

15 Cool Ways To Tie Shoelaces

shoe ties - will come in handy. did not know u could tie your shoes so many different ways!

Rocket Mass Heater | diy-projects-diy-craft-projects-easy-diy-projects-diy-home-projects ...

Check out how to make a Swiss Army keychain from tools around your house. Organize your key ring using this easy DIY Swiss Army keyring guide.

Eine schnelle Upcycling-Idee aus Weinkorken und einer Schlauchklemme aus dem Baumarkt.

Wine corks and hose clamp.

25 Just Really Cool Inventions

25 Just Really Cool Inventions. The dog fanny pack is stupid imho

This takes some technique and time to achieve the amazing results seen here but it can be done. The link/source has the instructions. Win.

Cool Camera trick for the holidays. Simple Idea, Awesome Result… Hole Punches (think scrapbooking) work great for this type of bokeh

Parenting is never an easy job.Here is a list of all kinds of funny parenting hacks that will surely make your babysitting experience much easier.

Genius Parenting Hacks That Make Parenting So Much Easier.just make sure they can't pull the roll off the wall!

Kindereier, LOL -- we LOVED the Kinder Eggs. They are a hollow chocolate egg with a plastic capsule in the center. The capsules contain everything from small toys to puzzles. Everyone returned to being a child when you gave them a kinder egg. :)

I don't speak German but I think I get the joke and it's funny.

Tak to sprawny plecka!

Cheap bag Buy Quality chair metal directly from China bag snoopy Suppliers: PK Fishing chair outdoor portable folding stool backpack/High quality portable travel outdoor use chair backpack

Tube Table Tennis What an interesting idea

Tube tennis or circular ping pong cool. I have a ping pong table but not like this!

cytaty o życiu - Szukaj w Google

cytaty o życiu - Szukaj w Google

cork usb ♡

Cork USB - I must find this for my techie dad, who makes his own red and white wine every year.