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Beletti Design - Wrought iron luxury beds

New collection of wrought iron luxury beds from Beletti Design
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Although it’s made of durable, solid wrought iron, the Beletti Design Colette Bed has a soft, natural look due to the organic forms and waves that make up its design. These forms are complemented by the presence of spirals in a variety of sizes. Coils are featured throughout the design to hold forms together, increase the strength of the bed and add to its style.


The Beletti Design Lucrezia Headboard is sure to bring some fun to your bedroom and make the space more dynamic and alive. The headboard has a very simple box-like frame six vertical wrought iron vertical forms, which divide the headboard into six distinct regions that vary in size. The left and right halves of the headboard are mirrored in their patterns, giving an overall look of unity to the very unique design.


In the Letizia Bed, mix of geometric forms comes together to create a balanced design that is perfect for modern décor. The symmetrical design includes squares and rectangles divided by bold diagonals into a pattern of triangles and diamonds. The headboard is finished with two strong vertical poles on either side. This exquisite iron headboard is available in many different colors to complement your color palette and the look of your décor.


With its unique shape and exquisite craftsmanship, the Vittoria Bed from Beletti Design is truly one of a kind. The Vittoria Bed is made the traditional way – entirely by hand. Our piece-by-piece hand-craftsmanship ensures that each headboard that we produce is of unparalleled quality and completely without flaw. A number of finishes are available to perfectly match your decor and put the ideal finishing touch on the design.

The Beletti Design Giuliana Bed is so whimsical and cheerful that it’s sure to brighten up any bedroom regardless of which of our many color finishes you choose to complete it. The bed is a simple, yet stylish play of straight linear and soft rounded forms. In the two areas that comprise the center of the bed, pairs of scrolls rise and fall along the rods in a design that will bring to mind art deco fashions and home interiors.

Made entirely by hand, the Beletti Design Cristina Bed is an ironwork bed of superior quality to any design that you’d find in an ordinary furniture store. Our artisans painstakingly shape each scroll and then use state-of-the-art equipment and traditional techniques to join the individual pieces together into a design of incomparable beauty. We can finish the bed in a multitude of colors to suit your home.

With its exceptionally unique design, the Luciana Bed is a true showstopper and will make for a dramatic focal point in the modern bedroom. The playful design combines round and linear forms to perfection, making a style statement unlike any other. Meticulously handcrafted, the Luciana Bed is as exceptional in its quality as it is in its style. The bed has all of the hallmarks of traditional European craftsmanship and adds an unexpected finishing touch to the decor of the bedroom.

The Beletti Design Penelope Bed is crafted by hand by one of our skilled metal artisans. We don’t churn out pieces along assembly lines, and as a result, each headboard we produce is truly a work of art. Free of flaws and strong enough to last a lifetime, the Penelope is crafted from only the finest of materials and will make an impressive statement in a master bedroom or even a guest room.

So unique and stylish it’s practically a work of contemporary art, the Benedetta Bed from Beletti Design will enhance the look of any modern bedroom. This unique wrought iron headboard is made up of rectangle and square forms in an array of sizes. The geometric shapes are slightly rounded at the corners, adding to their appeal. Overlapped and stacked in some areas and sparsely staggered in others, the shapes seem randomly arranged, giving the design a playful feel.

The Bianca bed is a stunning piece that combines Old World craftsmanship with modern styling. The scrollwork of this wrought iron piece brings to mind the graceful curves of a butterfly’s wings with its arcs and flourishes. Available in a wide variety of colors, the Bianca reminds us of the beauty of nature and is the perfect way to add a contemporary flair to your decor while making the space feel homey and inviting.