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a drawing of the joker sitting down with his hands on his knees and one eye open
Joker... by nami64 on DeviantArt
"why so serious ?" --------------------- DOWNLOAD to see in HQ Everybody loves the Joker, and Heath Ledger did an AWESOME job... (some problems with my scanner, that's why there is a ray of light i...
the joker sitting on top of a pool table in front of a red wall with black ink
JOKER painting
THE JOKER.... one of the greatest villain of our generation... approx 22hrs intuos4 +ps cs3+custom brushes + hans zimmer (in the bgm)+ NOLANisation.... original size: 24"x48" @ 200 dpi... so..... "LETS PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE"...
a black and white drawing of the joker from it's movie, why so serious?
A Dyslexic Artist Is Able To Create Some Awesome Portraits From Just Scribbles.
the font type unifies
an angel tattoo design on the back of a man's arm, with other tattoos and
gallery | custom tattoo designs
two black birds sitting on top of each other in front of a circle with symbols
#InstaViking #TheVikingWarriors #Folk #Viking #Celtic #Pagan #Metal#Odin's Ravens#Valknut ~Frigg'
a black and white drawing of a tree with two snakes on it, surrounded by other symbols
Just some norse word - Wallpaper
Just some norse word
two birds flying in the sky next to a cross
Thors Hammer by thecasperart on DeviantArt
Thors Hammer by thecasperart on DeviantArt
the road is lined with pine trees and snow covered mountains in the distance, under a cloudy sky
Grand Teton National Park, Moose, Wyoming Aergo Wanderlust Approved!
an empty road with snow capped mountains in the distance and pine trees on both sides
11 Majestic Places In Wyoming Perfect for Every Outdoor Enthusiast - Top Travel Trends
Majestic Places to See in Wyoming Perfect for Every Outdoor Enthusiast Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with curling clouds and snow-dusted peaks. Photographer Eric Adams