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I am the editor of Here you can find my blog posts on beauty perception, makeup, reviews, quotes, tips and tricks and more.
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Ageing: makeup changes that I had to make

The necessities of my skin changed with time and my makeup routine must follow the leader. Click the link to see what other changes I made


Nail polish remover pads from Ebelin

Nails that are chipped and you are traveling? I have the solution for you: ebelin acetone free nail polish remover pads. Keep them in your bag at all times and you are safe.


Classic Beauty - collaboration

#beautiesonfire collaboration first theme: Classic beauty. My favourite celebrity considered an icon: Audrey Hepburn.


Eyebrows trick

Having issues finding the exact shade you dream of for your eyebrows? I have the solution to your problem:


Argan Color hair mask from Kallos

Argan hair mask for colored hair from Kallos. A very good, budget friendly hair mask. Go ahead and read my opinion about it.


Beauties on Fire Collab Introduction

Beauties on Fire Logo. A weekly collaboration of beauty and fashion bloggers.