The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls

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a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with wood paneling
Christopher John Davies on Instagram: "In conjunction with my previous reel, here are my favourite photos of the Brown Library at Longleat House. . Continuing our tour of Longleat House, this reel shows the splendid Brown Library, well at least I think that’s what it’s called, it’s not featured in my reference books or online as it’s still very much used as a private drawing room by the family, but I’m sure that’s what my wonderful guide told me. . So unfortunately I can’t tell you very much about the room, other than it’s beautiful and holds many, many books from the vast Longleat collection, you’ll also briefly see a secret hiding place in the one corner that I’ve previously featured. . @longleatofficial #longleathouse #longleat #statelyhome #statelyhomes #countryhouse #countryhouses
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a bedroom with paintings on the walls
ELLUXELLA | Travel • Architecture • Interiors on Instagram: "Weekend at the country house… 📍Radbourne Hall, Derbyshire, England… the 18th-century Grade I listed Georgian country estate and seat of the Chandos-Pole family, now home to Sir James and Lady Chichester who have undertaken an award-winning structural restoration and refreshment of the historic John Fowler-designed interiors (done in 1957 at the bequest of Chichester’s parents, Major and Mrs. John Chandos-Pole)… The interiors are a rare surviving example of Fowler’s work; you can read the excellent article about the home and interiors in a recent article by House & Garden UK accessed from their account. 📸 @horwoodphoto for @houseandgardenuk Follow @elluxella for timeless design, architecture, interior and travel inspiration.
a living room with green walls and paintings on the wall, along with a fireplace
Christopher John Davies on Instagram: "Continuing our tour of Blenheim Palace this reel shows the Green Writing Room. . You’ll see in this video a portrait of the Duke of Marlborough, in old age by Kneller, and across the room the most famous of tapestries, showing the Duke at the Battle of Blenheim. . The ceiling in this room is by Hawksmoor. . @blenheimpalace #blenheimpalace #statelyhome #statelyhomes #countryhouse #countryhouses #historichouse #historichouses #historichomes #mansion #interior #dukeofmarlborough"
an empty hallway with chandelier and black and white checkerboard flooring
Marianna on Instagram: "Magnifique galerie au château de Chenonceau 🌸 • 📍 @chateau_chenonceau • • #chenonceau #chateaudechenonceau #galerie #chateaudesdames #loire #loirevalley #culture #patrimoine #histoire #histoiredefrance #dianedepoitiers #catherinedemedici #trend"
the back of a woman's head as she stands in an open door
Christopher John Davies on Instagram: "As you may know, I’ve been to Wentworth Woodhouse 5 times now, the first was many years ago when it was privately owned by Mr Newbold, then on more recent visits, the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust, have taken me on in depth tours, so there’s not much of this vast house left for me to see, but I had forgotten to film the Marble Saloon from its upper gallery, so I arranged that for my visit yesterday. . The Marble Saloon at WW has to be one of my favourite interiors in the world, let alone the country, it’s pure Palladian perfection, what you will see in ghis reel is some water damage to the ceiling, this is historic, and will be restored at some point. . On walking out onto the gallery I was warned to be very careful up one corner of it as i
a living room filled with lots of furniture and books on top of a red rug
Christopher John Davies on Instagram: "Continuing our tour of Dunham Massey, this reel shows the lovely Summer Parlour. . I particularly liked this room, in all its faded glory, the paintwork on the panelling, less intense as it would have been, and that lovely portrait of who I think is Lady Stamford, mother of the last owner the 10th Earl of Stamford (who’s also featured as a boy) who furnished this room in the 1930’s, and it’s been carefully conserved that way by the National Trust. . @ntdunhammassey #dunhammassey #statelyhome #statelyhomes #countryhouse #countryhouses #historichouse #historichouses #historichomes #mansion #interior"
an ornate staircase and chandelier in a building
Brühl, Schloß Augustusburg, Treppenhaus Stock Photo - Alamy
an ornately decorated dining room with chandeliers and red chairs in the center
Christopher John Davies on Instagram: "Continuing our tour of Belvoir Castle, this reel shows the splendid State Dining Room. . Inspired by a visit to Rome in the early 1800’s the Fifth Duchess of Rutland, Elizabeth, wanted to create her own version of a Roman interior, and chose the Dining Room to great effect. The coffered ceiling is copied from the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the main difference being that in each panel Elizabeth decided on flowers, each and every one different to the others. . The most impressive thing about this room are the five recessed arches, in marble, decorative vines surround them, each flanking a sideboard. . The furniture in this room, including the sideboards, was supplied by Gillow, a very popular Regency cabinet maker based in London. . The full le
an ornate room with green walls and paintings on the wall, along with antique furniture
Christopher John Davies on Instagram: "Continuing our tour of Tatton Park, this reel shows the beautiful Dining Room. . This room is a survivor of the earlier mansion at Tatton, being added in 1760, designed by Thomas Farnells Pritchard, in the fashionable Rococo style of the time. . The beautiful white marble fireplace was added in 1840, by sculptor Sir Richard Westmacott. . The furniture, like the rest of the state rooms is by Gillow, and family portraits adorn it’s walls. . Unfortunately as explained in previous Tatton posts, I visited without prior notice, and followed the rule of no video, so there’s only still photos in this reel. . @tattonpark #tattonpark #statelyhome #statelyhomes #countryhouse #countryhouses #historichouse #historichouses #historichomes #mansion #diningroom #
an archway leading to a large room with chairs
Christopher John Davies on Instagram: "Continuing our tour of Burton Agnes Hall, this reel shows the Glorious Great Hall, this time concentrating on its monumental screen. . The screen is carved Oak and plaster, and depicts biblical scenes, including the Twelve Apostles, topped by Elizabethan Ladies, Angels and a Pilgrim Knight. The builder of Sir Henry Griffith features in every level of decoration. . @burtonagneshall #burtonagneshall #burtonagnes #statelyhome #statelyhomes #historichouse #historichouses #historichomes #countryhouse #countryhouses #mansion #interior #interiors"
an ornately decorated dining room with chandelier and paintings on the ceiling,
Christopher John Davies on Instagram: "I promise this is my last reel of what has to be one of the most beautiful Regency country House interiors in England, the Elizabeth Saloon, at Belvoir Castle, I just couldn’t help myself in prolonging my feature of this astonishing room. This reel shows in detail, that beautiful panelling, the bow and the wonderful twin fireplaces. . The room is named after Elizabeth the 5th Duchess of Rutland, who visited Paris with her husband the Duke in 1814, and decided she wanted a Louis Quatorze interior at Belvoir, tragically Elizabeth didn’t get to see her most beautiful creation completed, she died in 1820, her husband decided to dedicate the room to her. I have already featured her lovely statue which stands at the opposite end of the room. . Elizabeth’s
an artistic painting on the side of a building
Deborah Rozanne Tenquist on Instagram: "MARVELLOUS MURAL, 15th Century Eltz Castle, Germany. This extraordinary 700 year old mural appears to be in perfect condition because it is. According to various sources it was clearly not appreciated by a subsequent heir who whitewashed the walls and in so doing preserved the mural until it was rediscovered 6 centuries later. I love the colours, the scale and the vibrancy of the design. Photographed by @obertogili"
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with paintings on the walls
Antoine Bonin on Instagram: "🏔️ Five days in Bavaria, five palaces 🌞 After enjoying the splendours of Schloss Nymphenburg, our trip takes us to a mysterious and secluded island located in the middle of a lake close to the Austrian border. After passing through a quiet wood, a château looms in the distance, as if in a dream. A majestic copy of Versailles stands before us. 👑 Schloss Herrenchiemsee is my favorite palace built long Ludwig II and probably the most surprising. Still today, not so many people know there is a fantastic reinterpretation of Versailles in the middle of the Bavarian Alps. Although very similar to the Versailles model, the château is surprisingly more ornate and even more monumental in its proportions. The Hall of Mirrors, for example, is longer than the original. B
an ornate canopy bed in a bedroom with floral wallpaper and curtains on the walls
Christopher John Davies on Instagram: "Continuing our tour of Belvoir Castle, this reel shows the first of what I think are the finest country House bedrooms in the country, known as the Chinese bedrooms due to the chinoiserie decoration and Chinese style furniture. . My favourite feature of this particular room has to be the hand painted silk wall hangings, absolutely gorgeous, the tester bed is hung with Victorian silk and the bed canopy dates from the reign of George I. . @belvoircastle #be
the ceiling is decorated with intricate designs
Alidad Mah on Instagram: "A selection of painted ceilings “à la française“, which were common features of French homes between the XIV and XVIIth centuries. They could depict coats of arms, fruits, flowers, life scenes, garlands, art symbols,... We call ”à la française” ceilings made by the visible beams and joists of the above floor, and where the space between each joist equals their width. Château de Cheverny Château de Fontainebleau Château de Gizeux Château des Doyens Hôtel de Lauzun