Kneel Before Loki

Loki in all his magnificence. I just freaking love him so much.
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Behind The Scenes

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And his golden staff.

Another Stolen Relic

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Loki of Jotunheim

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There Are No Men Like Me

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The Greatest Moment in Comic Con History.

SDCC 2013 - Loki Takes Hall H

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Loki ~ Thor: The Dark World

Trust My Rage

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It Varies From Moment To Moment

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Undying Fidelity

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Not gonna let the ugly space grape get away with this #JusticeforLoki

Loki Deserved Better

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There Was That Minute In Endgame

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Pussycat And The Lokis

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Loki - Architect of Ragnarok by apfelgriebs Fan Art / Digital Art / Painting & Airbrushing / Movies & TV©2014 apfelgriebs

The Art of Loki

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a man dressed as loki in front of a glass door with his hands out to the side
Best of Tom Hiddleston on Twitter
the man is dressed in armor and holding two swords
Cynthia 💜 on Twitter
33 Reasons Tom Hiddleston Is the Best Part of The Avengers
And his golden staff.
a man in armor looking at the camera
Trickster of Asgard
King Loki during Thor
a woman sitting down reading a book and looking at the paper she is holding in her hand
Loki ~ Thor: The Dark World
a man looking at himself in the mirror with his hand on his face and nose
Loki || Hyundai Commercial
a man dressed up as loki in front of a stone wall holding a large object
a man driving a silver car down a street
Loki || Hyundai Commercial
two men in costumes standing next to each other
the man is dressed up as loki and holding two large metal objects in his hands
the man is looking in the mirror with his eyes wide open
Loki || Hyundai Commercial
a man sitting on a bench with his hands clasped