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What cat doesn't like to look out the window or take a nap in the sun? I made this basket perch for my cat, Sadie, to get a good view of the springtime birds fr - Check out some tremendous dog beds and dog houses!
Create a cute DIY Cat Water Bowl Planter with catnip and cat grass #cats #crafts #diy


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Macrame cat hammock, Large hanging cat bed, Cat swing, Cat wall furniture, Cat room cat house decor
This beautiful cat hammock is our original design, features elegant patterns with lots of beautiful details, it could be used as a comfortable cat bed for your cats to relax, a fun cat tree for your cats to play with, also could be used as an unique cat furniture to decorate your cat house. We also pack it nicely so it is perfect for giving as gifts, if you are looking for housewarming gifts, birthday gifts for your cat lover friends, look no further:)
cat climbing toys
a white cat sitting on top of a book in a tree
The Romeow Cat Bistrot, for the Coolest Cats in Town
an orange cat is hanging on the wall
How Curt made this “Wrapped carpet around plywood and stapled the carpet to the plywood. Then attached the plywood with the carpet already… | Instagram
a cat sitting on top of a shelf in front of a framed painting above it
a cat sitting on the floor next to a table with a coffee cup in it
Behind the Brand: Hilde & Phil's Cat-e-Corner Couch Scratcher Side Table
This is more than just a scratching post. Read on to find out how the Cat-e-Corner is redefining cat furniture.
a black cat laying on top of a bed in front of a gold framed mirror
Picture Frame Cat Bed
Efficient Hair Removal and Massage! The Steam Pet Brush is a versatile grooming tool that excels at both removing pet hair and providing a soothing massage experience.
Aquarium Cat. Would you like this?⁠ ⁠
A kittys paradise.
Unusual bespoke wooden cat tree, for maine coon cats, coming out of a small alcove and into a corner of the room. With a cat bed/kitty cabin Large Cat Tree, Cat Tree House, Wooden Cat Tree, Cat Tree Plans, Unique Cat Trees, Diy Cat Tree
Large Maine Coon cat tree
Large Maine Coon cat tree which really tested our design skills. To fill a corner and go in and out of an arched alcove. Just over 6ft high with a kitty cabin, we really enjoyed designing this tree for Cate and her Maine Coon kittens.
an image of a chicken coop on twitter
Spoiled Kitten